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Praise for Robert Aiello's Work

Shadow in the Mirror:

"Robert Aiello's second novel of suspense is as sleek and mesmerizing a thriller as you are likely to read this year. An uncompromising page-turner, SHADOW IN THE MIRROR revisits the intriguing world of magic and mentalism with Mr. Aiello's principled, engaging hero Grant Montgomery . . . Deft misdirection, clever sleight of pen and a heart-pounding flourish make this a compelling read that will keep you up well past midnight. Robert Aiello's talent is no illusion. I was hooked from the very first page."
Richard Montanari, bestselling author of THE VIOLET HOUR and KISS OF EVIL
". . . Robert Aiello spins a compelling yarn starring an attractive celebrity mentalist as the good guy and a luscious evil twin as the bad girl. Add in a sadistic gangster with an ice pick, several dashes of poison and a macabre buried clue, and you have a fine read in a classic mode. I can't wait to see the movie!"
Christine Andreae, bestselling author of SMOKE EATERS and GRIZZLY
"You'll like SHADOW IN THE MIRROR, its suspense and complex plot. Grant Montgomery is a great character - empathetic, smart, and fun to read about. . ."
Barbara D'Amato, bestselling author of GOOD COP, BAD COP and past president, Mystery Writers of America
". . . his second book featuring retired mentalist and entertainer Grant Montgomery is a solid followup to his debut (The Deceivers) . . . Aiello's plot is compelling."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Aiello keeps things engrossing and moving at a fast pace . . . you'll find an interesting hero (in Grant Montgomery). . ."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Robert Aiello takes a plot and characters that are very real and creates a story that keeps us in suspense. Just when I thought I had it figured out and began guessing what was going to happen next, he fooled me. . . Grant Montgomery is fast becoming one of my favorite fictional characters and I can see him right up there with Dirk Pitt . . . Needless to say, I can't wait for the next one."
Diane Morgan, Editor, New Book Reviews.com
"Extremely evil antagonists provide plenty of suspense throughout the book. The killer is revealed half way through the story, which creates some intense moments . . . if you have not read Aiello's first book (THE DECEIVERS), don't despair. SHADOW IN THE MIRROR works well as a stand-alone. However, you may wind up craving the first book in the series anyway!"
The Romance Reader's Connection
"This is a fast-moving story; well-written with excellent characterizations; full of suspense and intrigue."
". . . the book provides a very good read and some true suspense. . . real chills along the way. . . Shadow in the Mirror is an enjoyable nail-biter of a book. Rating: Very Good."
Curled Up with a Good Book

The Deceivers

"The Deceivers is a strong suspense drama that never eases off the throttle until the climax is completed . . . Robert Aiello shows he has the right stuff to become a major player in the suspense genre."
The Midwest Book Review
". . . readers will find themselves thrilled with who gets their just deserts. . . for author Aiello has done justice to developing Montgomery and the rest of the cast of players in this first, and most interesting, tale of suspense."
ForeWord Magazine
"In . . . this fast-paced suspense novel - the author's debut as a fiction writer - Aiello's succinct, page-turner style features cliff-hangar chapter conclusions . . . Grant Montgomery is destined for a long shelf life . . . Aiello wields words with power, and the descriptive narrative surrounding murders is unsettling."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"The story line is fast paced and exciting . . . Grant is a great character deserving of future starring roles . . ."
Harriet Klausner, top reviewer for Amazon.com