The Decievers

The Deceivers

The Deceivers book"His heart throbbing, [he] looked for someone he could call to, for some sign of life, but there was none. Nothing. Not even a sound. The man who lived by his wits, always one step ahead of his victims, was entirely alone, except for the two figures in pursuit ...and he knew they would stalk him no matter how long he tried to run, no matter where he tried to escape.

"Somebody please help me, his mind screamed. He wondered if he had said that aloud, if they had heard him."

This is part of the opening scene of The Deceivers, the new suspense novel by Robert Aiello. This gripping tale is set in Pittsburgh and features intriguing characters caught in a compelling story set against a fascinating background.

The Deceivers is a thriller that explores a nation-wide phony psychic empire, uncovers murder and deception, and reveals some of the methods used by phony psychics. It's designed to keep you turning the page until the thrilling conclusion.